Ruby's Realm Tarot


The best reading I have ever received. She was very helpful in guiding me through what the cards spoke. 100% would recommend, she was a literal light at the end of a dark tunnel.

N.M., Florida

Rebbekah offers a service that is EXACTLY that; a service. She truly serves the moment and the person. The warmth and excitement she exudes in while she reads makes the whole experience feel like a truthful, welcoming, inspirational hug.

I.R., Tennessee

I have never done tarot readings before. I never felt like I could really trust someone’s response. But Rebbekah’s generosity and heart allowed me to feel protected and cherished. Her insight and compassion for my needs and desires to be answered was like having someone delicately hold my heart.


I love every reading I have from Rebbekah. Not because I’m hearing everything I want to hear, but because I’m able to really peer into energies that are bigger than me. She makes it a safe space to get curious, and there is always a grounding undercurrent of love and care when she speaks.