About Me

Hola! I’m Rebbekah, but you can call me Ruby Reb. I’m a tri-racial semi-bilingual bruja from NYC. I live on the UWS with my chatty familiar, a black cat named King Arthur Yoda. I like to dress up in magical colors and make crowns, before the pandemic I got paid to sing and act, and was in the process of making my first film.

How did I become a witch? Well, I grew up in an interfaith household, and was steeped in both Jewish and Catholic traditions as a child. My abuelita would take me to mass almost every Sunday (en español, claro que sí) until she moved south when I was seven. My mother made sure to light the Shabbos candles every Friday night, and her mother encouraged me to become the first woman in our family to be bat mitzvahed. My parents were very open with us about their explorations in Eastern religion and philosophy as well. I was also influenced by the secret witchcraft of mis tias.

As a young woman, I found myself increasingly frustrated in my quest for spiritual guidance. First, in the Judaism of my mother's family; then after an intense period of study and conversion, with the Catholicism of my father's upbringing. While going through the breakdown of my first marriage, a dear friend of mine became a taroist, and guided me to reclaim my intuition through a relationship with the cards. 

So. Why Ruby’s Realm Tarot? I’ve been reading cards for myself for a couple years, and more and more have been asked to share my intuition with others. My childhood nickname was Ruby Reb, referring to my shock of red hair and penchant for ruby shoes ala Dorothy. As my tarot practice is all about reconnecting with the inner child’s intuition, I decided to name this space for her. I'll be offering Tarot guidance, witchy tips, and poetic musings on my blog, and you can use the contact page to book one on one readings with me. I look forward to holding virtual space with you!