• Rebbekah Vega-Romero

Big Questions

Coming out of this epic Mercury in Gemini Retrograde Eclipse Season right in a tense AF New Moon in Cancer has me feeling like:

Where am I? What am I doing? Who am I now?

If you are also grappling with these questions, here are things that are helping me to process:

Taking time to focus on healing some deep ancestral wounds, letting the waves come and go en ritmo.

Practicing gratitude for the many beautiful loves in my life, and marveling at how different they are from what I expected them to be.


Lifting weights. Running to a great playlist.

Cooking for people I love.

Cooking for myself.

Driving and singing my heart out. Sharing music I have made.

Making new friends.

Glitter on me.

Glitter on strangers.

Deepening old friendships.

Making deeply personal content on TikTok.

Long walks by the Hudson or through the park.


Playing with children.

Oil pastels.

Wearing fancy lingerie every day.

Saying no to what does not bring pleasure or health.

Purr therapy with my beloved familiar.

EMDR therapy. Writing poetry.

Reading poetry.

”What if?”

Reading high fantasy.

Watching great acting.

Stretching my artistic muscles.

Sunshine and sunscreen.

Tarot for myself.

Tarot sessions for others.

It’s truly fascinating how working with others on their big crossroads questions can bring clarity and connection into our own life. One of my favorite things about my tarot practice is how much I learn from my clients 💖 So, please comment below with your big questions and any tools that are helping you to process! And hey - my books are open for July, so DM me to book a tarot reading. If you’re in NYC, we can even…meet in person?!


Ruby Reb

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