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Introducing: The Tarot Poesía

Hola, mis querides!

This started as a New Moon post and turned into something I have long been hoping to share, which isn’t surprising given that this is the New Moon in Aquarius. What a wildly inventive energy this lunation has! We have so much energy in weird and wonderful Aquarius (6 major astrological players meeting there now), it’s a delicious time to set intentions and manifest new projects. When I drew a card for the collective, I just knew that now was the moment to start my Tarot Poesía collection.

What is that you ask?

Why, it is a collection of poems inspired by each of the 78 cards in the Traditional Tarot Deck. I would promise to only do the Major Arcana or to work my way through the deck in some sort of logical order, but I am a Rebel & Nerd of the Highest Order, so I will be writing these poems as they come to me through my personal draws and readings for clients. It may take me a couple months or it may take me a couple of years, but I have a feeling this will be a fruitful adventure.

So, what is that card I drew for this New Moon? Why, our card for the Aquarian New Moon is Strength, and below is the first of a series of poems I’ll be sharing here, inspired by the archetypes of the Tarot.


Some days you are the wild lion

Tossing your mane and gnashing your teeth:

Your legs want to run

Your heart needs the sun

And the open plain.

You roar with pain,

Caught, it seems, in a trap

Of your own making

Unable to read the map

That would lead to your true home

Far from this gilded dome.

And yet - in the midst of your shame

She calls your name

Strokes your fur

And you see yourself through her eyes:

Some days you are her,

Soft, Vulnerable, Tender

And oh, so wise

Gritty enough to step between the lion’s paws

And yes, reach between the lion’s jaws.

Is that how you trade places with the king of beasts?

It isn’t gowns or feasts

That either of you craves

But the freedom that comes when we align our gifts with purpose:



I hope these words inspire a new understanding of this beautiful card. Please drop a comment or share this with a friend. And click that subscribe button to make sure you don’t miss any of the Tarot Poesía series!


Ruby Reb

P.S. This poem was birthed in the beautiful crucible of Jen Waldman’s C.R.E.A.T.E. Lab for JWSOnline, a space of continuous inspiration for this multi-hyphenate artist. Check it out, and thank me later ;-)

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